Wednesday, August 31, 2022

SATURDAY: Sketch Columbus Park


Columbus Park is situated in the heart of one of the oldest residential areas in Manhattan, adjacent to the infamous "Five Points".  Formerly known as Mulberry Bend Park, Five Points Park and Paradise Park, Columbus Park is a public park in Manhattan's Chinatown.  During the 19th century, this was the most dangerous ghetto area of immigrant New York, as portrayed in the book and film Gangs of New York.

Today, the park often serves as a gathering place for the local Chinese community, where "the neighborhood meets up to play mahjong, perform traditional Chinese music and practice tai chi in the early mornings.

What:   We will be sketching in Columbus Park

Where:   Columbus Park is located at Mulberry Street &, Baxter St,

When:  Meet at 10 AM on Saturday September 3, 2022.   Sleeping late?  Come anyway - we’ll be there

-   By Subway:  
• Canal Street - N, Q, R, W, 6, J and Z trains
Walking from the Subway take Canal Street to Baxter
     (see map below).

Lunch:  12:30 PM .  Bring your own or rely on local vendors.  There are loads of food options in this neighborhood.  We will try to find a quiet corner in the park where we can eat.

Afternoon:  1:30 PM  Back to the sketching

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - We’ll find a likely spot to share our work, tell stories and talk about what artists talk about.

-     Bring a hat and be prepared for sunshine  
-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options.

(click to enlarge)

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Separating Virtual Sketching from NYC Urban Sketchers

Thank you for visiting our group and thank you for your contributions.  As an Urban Sketching group we follow the Urban Sketching Manifesto.  The guide says we sketch from life.  

The pandemic made getting together to sketch in public difficult and dangerous. We decided to temporarily suspend some of the rules and used videoconferencing to get together. It was not Urban Sketching, but it did help us stay together during difficult times.

Now that COVID-19 is receding, we are meeting again regularly for sketching on location

and the time has come for NYC Urban Sketchers to separate from virtual sketching. A very accomplished team of artists and facilitators will continue hosting virtual sketching events, as an independent organization under the name Artful Explorers

If you ever attended a virtual sketching event, announcements from Artful Explorers will continue to arrive in your mailbox. Artful Explorers will have their own Facebook Group and website and artwork created during their virtual sketching events will be posted to the group’s Facebook page (  We are asking all virtual artists to now post their work to the new Artful Explorers site.

The NYC Urban Sketchers social media platforms will be limited to serving artists sketching NYC and the surrounding area.  If you live and sketch with us in New York, we would also like to see your travel sketches.

Starting today, we encourage people to post only appropriate work to our site.   If you are visiting NYC we’d love to see your sketches of our town.

We wish our friends and fellow artists at Artful Explorers every success.

The Board of Directors

New York City Urban Sketchers

August 30, 2022

Monday, August 29, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at South Cove Wednesday

South Cove Park - Battery Park City - New York, NY

Continuing with our  project of "Below 14th Street", this week we will visit the South Cove of Battery Park to capture the interesting walkways, foliage and river views in this small gem of a garden.  You can sit on the dock and look up to the fantastic helix and try to draw the winding staircase and view decks, or climb up on the structure and get a bird's eye view of the area.  

South Cove Park - 50 Battery Pl, New York, New York, US - Zaubee

Face west and paint the river with Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, or face east and draw the beautiful trees.  Like flowers instead?  Take a short walk south and draw gardens around the Museum of Jewish Heritage.  Like boats? Take a short walk to North Cove and draw the. yachts that sail here from Europe. No matter the will have plenty to work with. 

Top 10 Things To Do And See In Battery Park City



                        We will meet at the end of Second Place near the helix walkway.

TRANSPORTATION: 1 to Rector Street. (Check a subway map. There are many lines that come into the 
area with a short walk to the meeting spot) 

South Cove | The Cultural Landscape Foundation

A Tale of Two Schools


  • RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201 273-0445
  • Plenty of benches (and rocks) but a stool will give you more options
  • Bring lunch or purchase it nearby
  • Bathrooms and water available in the area

Sunday, August 28, 2022

WEDNESDAY: Westchester Sketchers at Greenburgh Nature Center in Scarsdale


We had such a positive experience last month that we are returning to the GNC for a second visit.

The Greenburgh Nature Center’s mission is to inspire passion, curiosity, respect, and action for our natural world.  It is a beloved retreat because of its peaceful, relaxing setting.  Among its 33 acres, you will find, rambling forest trails, a flourishing native plant meadow, seasonal organic gardens, Native American Replica Village, and open green spaces.  Surrounding the Manor House, you will find many outdoor animal habitats including the Barnyard, Birds of prey, Beehives, and Butterfly Arbor.  Adjacent to the Great Lawn is the Nature Center’s Discovery Playground.

Where: Greenburgh Nature Center 99 Dromore Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583 Phone: (914) 723-3470

When: Wednesday, August 31, 2022. 

Start time: 10:30 AM.  We will meet in front of the Nature Center manor house.


Transportation from NYC: The closest Metro-North train station is Hartsdale, on the Harlem line. 
The Nature Center is a short taxi ride from the station.

Lunch: 1 PM. Location TBD. Bring your own food and beverage.

Show and Tell: Following lunch, we will share drawings and tell stories. This social part of our day is not to be missed.

- Bring a stool if you have one. It gives you more options.
- Dress for sunshine.  Bring a hat and sunscreen.
- Parking is free.

Please R.S.V.P. to Cathy Gutterman at

If you can’t find us call: Cathy at (914) 625-0766. 

There are no fees.  All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

SATURDAY: Sketch the Doors of Delmonico’s


We’re heading for the old part of town to sketch the twisty Dutch streets.  There is an amazing amount of street sketch-able stuff within a two block radius in any direction.  So far, it looks like Saturday will be a perfect sketching day.

A partial list of potential sites:

  • Delmonico's - 56 Beaver St,  An old time NYC Restaurant and the inventor of several notable dishes, including Eggs Benedict and Baked Alaska.
  • Fraunce’s Tavern - 54 Pearl St, - The tavern has more history than almost any other building in NYC since it’s been standing longer than most of them. It was a gathering place for patriots, politicians and others during the time of our nation’s birth.
  • India House - 1 Hanover Square, the original home of the New York Cotton Exchange, it is now a private club and restaurant.
  • Dutch Buildings on Williams Street, the last relics of the old Dutch style of architecture of New Amsterdam 
  • Cobblestone Streets - scenic streets - Stone Street
  • The Elevated Acre - 55 Water Street  It’s a secret garden in the middle of the Financial District.  Tucked between two office buildings at 55 Water Street is a hard-to-find escalator which whisks you up to The Elevated Acre.  

What:   We will be sketching in lower Manhattan in one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods

Where:   We will meet at the park in Hanover Square at the corner of William St and Pearl Street

When:  Meet at 10 AM.   Sleeping late?  Come anyway - we’ll be there

-   By Subway:  
Whitehall St - N, R, W
South Ferry - 1
Rector St.  N, R W
Wall St - 4, 5
Broad St - J
Wall St / William St - 2, 3
     (see map below).

Lunch12:30 Noon .  Bring your own or rely on local vendors.  We will probably be having a social lunch together at the Elevated Acre. That will be confirmed in the morning.

Afternoon1:30 PM  Back to the sketching

Show and Tell3:00 PM - We’ll find a likely spot (possibly the Elevated Acre) to share our work, tell stories and talk about what artists talk about.


-     Bring a hat and be prepared for sunshine  
-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options. 

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

THURSDAY: Westchester Sketchers at the New Dawn Foundation in New Rochelle


"The New Dawn Foundation is a hidden gem so close to New York City, yet so calm and serene with old-world elegance that is hard to find." -- Anonymous Guest

The New Dawn Foundation is located in “The White House,” which is also known as The Oaks. It was built in 1900 and served as a school for girls before being privately purchased in 1919 by Charles and Magdalene Klingenstein. The Klingensteins often invited nurses and nursing students from Mount Sinai to come to The Oaks for rest and relaxation.  In 2008 the property was donated to the New Dawn Foundation. 

The historic estate house is located on the exclusive waterfront peninsula of Davenport Neck in New Rochelle, NY.  Today this beautiful haven in Westchester overlooking the Long Island Sound offers the space for healing, growth, and general respite from the pressures and challenges of everyday life.  


When: Thursday, August 25, 2022

Location: The New Dawn Foundation
590 Davenport Avenue, New Rochelle 10805 
Phone: (914) 6328084

Time: 10:00 AM 

NOTE: The New Dawn Foundation is easy to get to but you could pass it by as the entrance is small. Most directions will tell you to go to Pelham Road.  If you come to Pelham Road from North Ave., make a right onto Pelham Road, then make a left at Church Street (Trinity Elementary School is on the corner).  Drive down to light and make a right onto Davenport Ave.  Take this road down past the beach and catering halls.  After the Greentree Club, you will see a VERY SMALL entrance on the left.  (There is a boat yard on the right).  It will say New Dawn Foundation and also "The Oaks" which was the former name of the estate.  Drive slowly down the very curved and narrow road.  There will be a fork.  Go to the left where there is a small white mansion.  Marianne and Cathy will be there to guide your parking.

If you are coming from Weyman Ave., make a left onto Pelham Road and take a right on Church Street by the elementary school and follow the above directions.

Transportation from NYC
: Take the Metro-North New Haven Line to the New Rochelle Station.  
The 9:08 AM off-peak train from Grand Central arrives in New Rochelle at 9:41 AM.  Call Marianne (914-355-6507) to arrange for pick-up and ride to the Foundation.

Lunch: Bring your lunch/snack/water. We'll be lunching together.

Show & Tell: After lunch, we'll share stories and sketches during this social part of our day.

Please RSVP to Cathy Gutterman at
Looking for us? Call Cathy at 914-625-0766 or Marianne at 914-355-6507

  • Bring a hat.
  • It can be breezy by the water - you may want to bring a light jacket.
  • There will be seating available but bring your stool for more options.
  • We will have access to the restrooms in the mansion.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at Union Square Green Market

Visit New York City's Union Square Farmer's Market - Jazz Hostels

 Ok, so Union Square is at 14th Street, not below it.... but it is a great place to sketch.

Join us on Wednesday, when the Green Market is open at Union Square for great sketching opportunities.  The veggies and flowers, the tents and signage, the people and the pets!  Lots and lots to capture in our books.  Don't like that? There are the chess players and craft vendors on the south side of the park. Or get inside the park to sketch the statues and the people on the benches having lunch and lounging around.  No matter what you choose it will be a great sketch!

Union Square Greenmarket - CASTELLO DI BORGHESE



                       14th Street and Union Square West
 We will meet by the rotunda on the corner by the subway entrance on 14th Street and Union Square West  


NYC Neighborhood Guide: Union Square - Mommy Nearest
Meet by the rotunda over the subway 


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Lots of benches in the park but a stool will help you by the Green Market
  • There are bathrooms and water available. 
  • Lots of food vendors around or bring your own.
  • The Green Market is very busy.  Be prepared to find a spot out of the way. 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Jersey Sketchers at Laurelwood Gardens

Laurelwood Arboretum added a new photo. - Laurelwood Arboretum

What could be more pleasant on a summer's day than a stroll through a beautiful garden? How about, taking that stroll and sketching the views in the garden?

Friends of Laurelwood Arboretum Launches New Donate-a-Bench Program –

Join us on Thursday August 25th for such a stroll in Laurelwood Arboretum in Wayne, NJ.  Just like the story of Goldilocks, this is just the right size for a day of sketching.  Not too big and not too small but packed with many sketch able views: a pond, gazebos, rustiest benches and bridges, elevated walkways looking down onto meadows and a sculpture trail. Many side trails with benches situated in just the right spot for a sketch, are part of the charm of this garden.  

For more information about Laurelwood Arboretum:

Neighbors Step Up Against Perimeter Fence at Laurelwood Arboretum | Wayne,  NJ News TAPinto



                       725 Pines Lakes Drive West, Wayne NJ

                     We will meet in the parking area and then find our individual sketch sites


  • Please RSVP  Directly to Margaret Casagrande at 
  • Looking for us? Call or text Margaret at 646-515-9913
  • We will meet in the parking area before entering the park
  • There is no fee to enter the garden
  • Bathrooms and water are available
  • There is no food allowed in the garden so we will meet for lunch in the parking area. There is no food service in the garden. Bring you lunch with you
  • There are plenty of benches along the trails but bringing a stool will give you flexibility 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

SATURDAY: Sketch Governors Island

The idea of starting a sketch event on a boat in New York Harbor is just so appealing.   Some might argue that the best ferry ride you can take is the trip to Governors Island. I might be suffering from Ferry Envy​ - I missed the sketch event at Red Hook.   

It’s not big enough to be a borough, but it’s certainly larger than the Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up.  Lots and lots to explore and even more to sketch.  Our weather for Saturday looks very inviting.

When considering sketching subjects you might want to consider this list of things to do.​  ​There is a lot.

The ferry is free if you get there before noon.  Bring a bike if you like.   Ferries depart for the island from both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

What:   We’ll be sketching at Governors Island, and we’ll be getting there by ferry from Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Where:   The Manhattan ferry leaves from Pier 11/Wall St,  (10 SOUTH STREET)
The Brooklyn ferry leaves from Brooklyn Bridge Park - PIER 6

When you get to the island go to Nolan Park - it’s the midway point between the two ferry landings and an easy spot to find people.  From there we’ll branch out.

For Manhattan:
Be at the ferry at 9:30 AM for the salt water journey.  You will need to get a ticket.  The ferry departs at 10 AM.  If you’re sleeping late there is also a free ferry at 10:40 and again at 11:20.  After that the ferry will cost $4.00

For Brooklyn
Be at the ferry at 9:45.  You will need to get a ticket.  The ferry departs at 10:15.  Ferries leave every hour so the next one is at 11:15.  After that the ferry will cost $4.00

-   NYC Subway:  
#1 train - South Ferry
4 - 5 train - Bowling Green
R train to Whitehall Street

- Brooklyn Subway:
R, 2, 3, 4, 5  train to  - Borough Hall/Court Street

Lunch:  12:00 Noon .  Bring your own, or purchase food from the vendors on the island.  There are some good choices.

Afternoon:  1:00 PM  Back to the sketching

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - ​Location to be determined.  We'll share​ the day's work, tell stories and talk about what artists talk about.

-     Bring a hat and be prepared for sunshine  
-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options.


If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sketching the Oldest Streets in NYC

The Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden Highlights : NYC Parks
Hanover Square with Queen Elizabeth II Gardena and India House 

Amid the enormous skyscrapers, the traffic, the people and the noise, it is hard to believe that NYC was once a small village of twisty streets, cobblestones and clapboard buildings.  It is still there....if you look ...hard. 

Join us as we traverse streets from the very start of New York with names like Stone, William, Pearl, and Beaver. Come and capture some of the buildings that stood there when horses and carts rode past them with names like Frances Tavern, India House and a row of Dutch houses on William Street  

Read the articles below for some history of the area and the street names.

Fraunces Tavern: New York City's Oldest Tavern
Fraunces Tavern 

We will start at Hanover Square and the Queen Elizabeth II Garden. (can you believe there is a garden in NYC dedicated to the Queen?!?).  From there we will fan out to sketch what strikes our fancy, then come back for lunch and show what we have found.   

Daytonian in Manhattan: The 1854 India House -- No. 1 Hanover Square
India House

Dutch architecture manhattan hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
Dutch Buildings on Williams Street




TRANSPORTATION 2,3 to Wall Street/William Street

Stone Street New York Photograph by Erin Cadigan | Pixels
Stone Street


  • RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Bring a stool, a hat and lunch, or purchase it from the many food outlets in the area

Meet At Hanover Square

THURSDAY: Westchester Sketchers at Cold Spring

This joint event is being co-hosted by Jamie Grossman for LHVPAP, and Cathy Gutterman for Westchester NYC Urban Sketchers.

Cold Spring is located 50 miles north of Manhattan at scenic on the Hudson River.  It is a rural area steeped in history and rich in visual sketchable scenes.  We will be sketching the waterfront area and town.  There are incredible peaceful river views, scenic streets with antique shops, clothing stores, coffee houses and so much more.  Main Street is about five blocks long and features many well-preserved 19th-century buildings.  By the waterfront, you will have a view of the Hudson River north and south, the north end of West Point, the marina, and the streets and buildings that flank the waterfront.


When:  Thursday, August 18, 2022.

Start time: 10:00 AM.  Sleeping late?  Come anytime dawn to dusk.

Where:  Cold Spring, NY -  Meet by Cold Spring Gazebo (Water St. and Main St.)

There is a municipal parking lot located on Fair Street.  It has metered parking.

Directions by Train: From GRAND CENTRAL take the Hudson Line to the Cold Spring Station.
Leaves NYC - 8:46 AM - Arrives in Cold Spring at 10:04 AM.  
Trains back to NYC - Leave at 3:15 PM, 4:19 PM, and 5:17 PM. 

Lunch: 1:00 PM.  Location TBD.  Bring lunch or buy from one of the eateries or deli on Main Street.  

Show and Tell:  Following lunch.  This is the social part of our day and not to be missed.

-  Bring a hat and sunscreen.
-  There are benches along the waterfront but bring a stool for more options.
-  We'll be by the water, so you might need a sweater.
-  Dockside Park is undergoing construction, so we will avoid that area.

Please R.S.V.P. to Cathy Gutterman at

If you can’t find us call: Cathy at (914) 625-0766 or Marianne at (914) 355-6507

There are no fees.  All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SATURDAY: Sketch Rockefeller Park


​We've been sketching in the heat for more than a month now.  This coming Saturday looks like a normal summer day instead of the scorcher's we've been experiencing.   We still want to visit locations below 14th Street so we have lots of artwork for our next show.  

Rockefeller Park looks so inviting.  There are trees.  There are breezes coming in from the water.  There's greenery with an urban background.  There's food nearby and bathrooms too.  Urban Sketching Perfection!  It will also be filled with New Yorkers out enjoying the good weather, depending on us to record their wonderful day.​  Let's do it!

(The view of Rockefeller Park as you enter from Murray Street)


What:   We’ll be sketching Rockefeller Park 

Where:   Follow Murray Street due West until you get to the park.  The entrance at Murray is about in the middle of the park.

When:  Start time - 10 AM.  Saturday, August 13, 2022  Running late?  Come anyway - we'll be there.


-   By Subway:  

  • Chambers Street:   1, 2, 3, A, C, trains all stop nearby - (see map below).
  • City Hall:  N, R, and W
  • Park Place:  2, 3
  • World Trade Center:  E

Lunch:  We'll break at 12:00.  Location to be determined.  Bring your own food and drink or rely on vendors.

Afternoon:  1:00 PM  Back to sketching.  

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM Location to be determined.    We’ll share stories from the day, show our artwork and talk about the things artists talk about when they’re together.


-     Bring a hat.  

-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options. 

(click to enlarge)

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.