Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at Gowanus Canal

Please note that this is a change from the previously posted schedule.  

Brooklyn's Putrid, Beloved Gowanus Canal Has Been a Horror for Centuries -  Atlas Obscura

Join us this week as we visit one of the notorious areas of NYC, the Gowans Canal.  Carved out of ancient salt flats and fresh water streams it was once one of the busiest waterways in the country.  Now know for its infamous pollution it was designated a superfund site.  Now initiatives by many public/private organizations are breathing new life into this area.  For information about the history, the pollution and the re-establishment of this district, visit the Gowanus Canal Conservancy website:

We will meet in the park boarding the canal behind the Whole Foods on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street in Brooklyn.  From there you can wander along the edge of the canal and walk across some of the bridges to capture the scene that best captures the old industrial and the new environmentally corrected views of the canal and the neighborhood. 

Superfund – Gowanus Canal Conservancy



                           Behind the Whole Foods parking lot

TRANSPORTATION: F or G to 9th Street Station or the N, R, W, or D to 9th Street Station. 
This will leave you off at 4th Ave and 9th Street,  Walk to 3rd Ave and 3rd Street to the meeting spot.


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • There are benches in the park but bringing a stool will offer you more options
  • Bathrooms are available in Whole Foods 
  • Bring lunch or purchase it at Whole Foods or the many vendors in the area. 
  • Optional afternoon sketching at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn

City invests $11 million in Old Stone House preservation • Brooklyn Paper
Old Stone House

THURSDAY: Westchester Sketchers at Glen Island Park, New Rochelle


This 105-acre island property is connected to New Rochelle by a drawbridge built in the 1920s. After Playland, Glen Island is the second most widely used park in the County Parks system. One of Westchester’s unique jewels, it was initially developed as a summer resort by John H. Starin. The original design exhibited the five cultures of the western world on individual islands linked together with piers and causeways. Today the islands have been merged with substantial fill areas totaling 130 acres and providing a beautiful crescent-shaped beach with access to the Long Island Sound.

Cannons, sculptures, and castles with coursed rubble stone, arched openings, and round towers still remain from the days of John Starin’s resort. The castles, reminiscent of those in Germany's Rhineland, were constructed on their present site in the late 19th century for use as a beer garden and restaurant.


The bathhouse was originally built in a Neo-Georgian style with a cupola marking the center of the front fa├žade. A courtyard looks out to the beach and is completed by a colonnade. The bridge, bridge house, seawall, and castles are all eligible for listing on the Register of Historic Places.

When: Thursday, May 19, 2022

Location: Glen Island Park, Weyman Avenue, New Rochelle 10805 

Time: 10:00 AM We'll meet in front of the castle located to the right as you enter the parking lot.

Transportation from NYC: Metro-North New Haven Line to New Rochelle Station.
The 9:07 AM off-peak train from Grand Central arrives in New Rochelle at 9:40 AM.
Please call Marianne (914-355-6507) to arrange for pick-up and ride to Glen Island.

Lunch: Bring your own lunch/snack/water. We'll be picnicking together.
Show & Tell: After lunch, we will share stories and sketches during the social part of our day.

Please RSVP to Cathy Gutterman
Looking for us? Call Cathy at 914-625-0766 or Marianne at 914-355-6507

- It can be breezy by the water - you may want to bring a light jacket.
- There are lots of picnic tables, but a stool can offer more options.
- It's before Memorial Day, so there should be no fee for parking or the need for a park pass. 
- Restrooms are located in the Office building located on the right as you enter the Park.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

SATURDAY - May 21 - South Pacific

In celebration of Asian American - Pacific Islander Heritage Month we are sketching the beautiful landscapes, peoples and cultures of the South Pacific. The landmasses of the South Pacific are mostly small islands scattered across a huge ocean larger than all the other oceans put together. The region comprises of around 30 island nations, some mere dots on the map. 

Papua New Guinea

The largest island nation is Papua New Guinea followed by New Zealand which are both quite considerable land-masses, but it's then followed by Fiji whose collective islands compressed would be smaller than Wales! In terms of cultural identity, the South Pacific Islands are split into three regions: Polynesia, lying in the west and including Samoa, Cook Islands and Tahiti but also extending north to Hawaii and south to New Zealand; Melanesia, in the east and including Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands; and Micronesia in the north-west and including Kiribati, Guam and the Federated States of Micronesia.

 New Zealand

Come enjoy virtual sketching inspired by the rich beauty, history, and diversity of the peoples and places scattered across the South Pacific.

There are no fees. All skill levels are welcome. 

Registration is required. Use the Eventbrite link below:

Photographic references for this virtual event are below:

What is coming up next:

May 28 - Sketchers Holiday

June 4 - Waterfront Amusement Park

June 11 - African Safari

Maori of New Zealand

NYC Urban Sketchers is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization (EIN 84-3937060). Tax-deductible donations by check made be sent to NYC Urban Sketchers, P.O. Box 1083, James A. Farley Post Office, New York, NY 10116. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

SATURDAY - May 14 - New York Botanical Garden

Join us for a day of virtual sketching the New York Botanical Garden, a 250 acre site in the Bronx established in 1891. It contains over one million living plants, a conservatory shown above, and a research library. The Garden was inspired by the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, and has been a national historic landmark since 1967. 

The NY Botanical Garden contains over fifty different gardens and plant collections. There is a cascading waterfall, wetlands, and a 50 acre tract of original, old growth New York forest along the Bronx river. 

There are no fees. All Skill levels welcome.

For photographic references for this virtual event, click on the link below:
The New York Botanical Garden:

What is coming up next:
May 21 - South Pacific
May 28 - Sketchers Holiday
June 4 - Waterfront Amusement Park

NYC Urban Sketchers is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization (EIN 84-3937060). Tax-deductible donations by check may be sent to NYC Urban Sketchers, P.O.Box 1083, James A.Farley Post Office, New York, NY 10116. 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at St. Marks in the Bowery

New York Daily Photo: St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery

Join us this week as we explore the second oldest church in NYC: St Marks in the Bowery. (Extra credit for anyone who can name the oldest church in NYC!)  Peter Stuyvesant along many other dignitaries of early NYC history are buried on the site: mayors, a governor who became a Vice President, and Commodore Perry amongst many others.  Alexander Hamilton helped incorporate this as the first Episcopalian Parish outside of Trinity Church, where he is buried. For more information on the history of this church and the surrounding area, click here:

The church is set back on an angle from Second Avenue with trees and a garden as background.   Read why it is on an angle and why it is call "in the Bowery" when it is on 2nd Ave, in the history noted above. Bring a stool to capture the best angle for your drawing

NYC - East Village: St Marks Churchyard - Peter Stuyvesant… | Flickr

NOTE:  Many, but not all,  of the sketch sites we will visit this spring and summer will be in Manhattan below 14th Street to provide many possibilities for entires to our second art expo this winter.  The theme for the show will be "Drawn Below 14th Street".  If you have a favorite garden, park, corner or site below 14th Street, let us know so we can include it in our line up.



                       2nd Avenue between East 10th and East 11th Streets

                                Walk east from Astor place to 2nd Ave via Stuyvesant St, a diagonal street that goes between 3rd and 2nd Aves and will lead you right to the church. 

History — St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Bring a stool and lunch. Or purchase lunch from the many vendors in the area.

EV Grieve: A visit to St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

SATURDAY - May 7th - Kentucky Derby

Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been one of the grandest races in the thoroughbred industry. Some of the worlds greatest thoroughbred horses take center stage at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky to race one and one-quarter miles. While the horses are the stars, thousands of people gather in their Sunday finest to enjoy this spectacle of sport, fashion, hats, mint juleps and food. Join us for a day of sketching this beloved American sporting event. 

There are no fees.  All drawing skill levels are welcome.

To register for this virtual event, click on the Eventbrite link below:

For photographic references for this virtual event, click on the link below:
May 14 - New York Botanical Gardens
May 21 - South Pacific
​May 28 - Sketchers’ Holiday

NYC Urban Sketchers is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization (EIN 84-3937060). Tax-deductible donations by check may be sent to NYC Urban Sketchers, P. O. Box 1083,  James A. Farley Post Office, New York, NY 10116. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022


girl with umbrella in rain | Exclusive Deals and Offers |



Weekday Sketchers at Belvedere Castle Wednesday 

Belvedere Castle In Autumn Central Park New York City Stock Photo -  Download Image Now - iStock
Belvedere Castle seen from the Turtle Pond

New York has it al: tall buildings, bright lights and its own storybook castle right in the middle of Central Park. It is actually called a Folly, meaning a fanciful object built into the landscape without any purpose other than enhancing the view.  And that it is and does!  

Built of Manhattan schist it has everything any prince or princess could want: terraces and turrets, gothic windows and transoms adorned with dragons.   And, it is the official weather station in NYC. So, when you see the temperature or forecast for NYC, it is taken right there at Belvedere Castle. 



                       Central Park


Belvedere Castle - - Food Blog

  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • We will meet on the lawn adjacent to the Turtle Pond just beyond the Delacorte Theater. From there you can sketch anywhere you wish and come back there for lunch.
  • Bring a stool, a cap and lunch
  • Watch the weather forecast.  If it rains lightly we can sketch from the terrance under the canopy or if it rains heavily we will go to the American Museum of Natural History                                     

Meet on the Lawn by the Turtle Pond 


THURSDAY: Westchester Sketchers at Muscoot Farm in Katonah, NY


Joint Event with the Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters 

Muscoot Farm was originally a gentleman's farm owned by the Hopkins family and used as their summer estate and dairy farm from 1880 to 1924. In 1924 the family moved to the farm year-round and continued the dairy business until 1967 when Westchester County acquired the property.

Today, Muscoot Farm has many of the original buildings, some of which were moved to accommodate the Muscoot Reservoir. Visitors can walk through the dairy barn, milk house, ice house, blacksmith shop, and several other barns and buildings. Livestock and poultry are breeds typical of an early 20th-century gentleman's farm and many represent minor rare breeds. The Main House is used to exhibit monthly art shows by local artists.


Where: Muscoot Farm 51 NY-100, Katonah, NY Phone: (914) 864-7282

When: Thursday, May 5, 2022. 

Start time: 10:00 AM.

Directions: Muscoot Farm is on Route 100 nestled between Somers, Katonah, and Yorktown. The farm is located about 1 mile south of the intersection of Route 100 and Route 35.

Transportation from NYC: The closest Metro-North train station is Katonah, on the New Haven line. Please contact Marianne if you would like someone to meet the train and provide a ride from the station.

Lunch: 1 PM. We will have lunch by the picnic table area. Bring your own food and beverage.

Show and Tell: Following lunch, we will share drawings and tell stories. This social part of our day is not to be missed.

- Come early for the best parking spots.
- Bring a stool if you have one. It gives you more options.
- Dress for sunshine. Bring a hat and sunscreen.

Please R.S.V.P. to Cathy Gutterman at

If you can’t find us call: Cathy at (914) 625-0766 or Marianne at (914) 355-6507

There are no fees.  All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

REMINDER - CALL FOR ENTRIES - NYC Urban Sketcher ART Exhibit - “Virtual Sketching in the Time of Covid"

Where: New Amsterdam Library, 9 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007
When: August 15 - October 7, 2022
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2022
Eligibility: NYC Urban Sketcher virtual art, i.e., artwork created from photographs or 
digital references, between March 2020 and the present.

For this exhibit, digital photographs of all work will be submitted electronically to a Google Forms 
site. Technical specifications for the digital submissions are contained in the Google Forms links
 below. There are no entry fees and a limit of two submissions per person. A jury of three people
 independent of NYC Urban Sketchers will select the work. Like the exhibit at Grand Central 
Terminal in 2021, the art selected will be reproduced in large format and printed on paper for 
display at the library. Please be sure to select images for submission carefully. After submission,
 you cannot replace them. 

For more information and to enter your submission:
(a.) for gmail accountholders, use this link:
(b) for non-gmail accountholders, use this link:

Please note:  a second exhibit of NYC Urban Sketcher art will take place at the New Amsterdam Library, 
January 9 - February 27, 2023, featuring work created in 2022 on location (not from photographs), 
below 14th Street in Manhattan. A similar submission and reproduction process will be followed. 
Be sure to check out upcoming sketch locations by the weekend and weekday sketch groups. They will be 
visiting many sites below 14th Street in the next six months. Stay tuned for more information. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

SUNDAY: Sketch the Central Park Boat Pond


One of my favorite spots in Central Park is the Model Boat Pond.  It has such a warm inviting feel.  The view across the pond of the boat house is an artist's delight.  There is a constant stream of interesting people passing by.  As you sit sketching families and couples pass by and often act out interesting scenes posing for pictures.  But you will need to sketch quickly.  

There are also the Alice in Wonderland statue and the Hans Christian Anderson statue that are magnets for kids and their photographing parents and grandparents. The incredibly scenic Bethesda Fountain is right over the hill.

Try to not miss the morning portion of our sketch when the park is relatively empty - it’s a delight!


What  We’ll be sketching on the west side of the Model Boat Pond in Central Park

Where  You can approach from any direction, but the easiest and most direct path is to enter from the west side of the park or the east.  The pond is at about 74th Street.  On the east side there are entrances at E72nd and E 76th Streets, or you can walk across the park by entering from the west at W72 St.

(see map below)

When:  Start time - 10 AM.   Running late?  Come anyway - we'll be there.


  By Subway:  

Take the A, B or C train to 72nd Street - Central Park is across the street. You are entering from the West side of the park

Or take the #6 train to 77th Street. Central Park is about four blocks away.  You are entering from the East side of the park

Lunch:  We'll break at 12:30.  We’ll be staying in the area, probably picnicking on the grass. Bring your own food and drink or rely on the park vendors.

Afternoon:  1:30 PM  Back to sketching.  For the afternoon we may consider a slight change of location to - The Mall and Literary Walk, which is a short five minute walk from the Boat Pond.

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - Location to be determined based on where we sketch in the afternoon.  There are many lovely spots nearby.   We’ll find an area nearby to share our stories from the day, show our artwork and talk about the things artists talk about when they’re together.


    Bring a hat (for the sun - hopefully!)

-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options. 

(click to enlarge)​

If you can’t find us

call or text Mark at  973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

SATURDAY - April 30th - Living History Museums in the United States

Plimoth Plantation, MA 

Colonial Williamsburg, VA                                

Mystic Seaport, CT

Join us for a day of sketching historical sites and living museums in the United States, including Plimoth Plantation, Colonial Williamsburg and Mystic Seaport among other 

This unguided virtual sketching event will begin at 10am EDT on Saturday, April 30th and will end at approximately 12:30pm EDT.

Registration is required. Please click the link below: 

For photo references, click the link below:

NYC Urban Sketchers is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization (EIN 84-3937060. Tax deductible donations by check may be sent to NYC Urban Sketchers, PO Box 1083, James A Farley Post Office, New York, NY 10116. 

Upcoming Events:
May 7 - Kentucky Derby Day - horses, hats, drinks and landscapes
May 14 - NY Botanical Garden - in conjunction with NYC Urban Sketchers on-site
May 21 - South Pacific


WORKSHOP:   Watercolor Painting Outdoors 

is More Fun with a Plan

“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.” Thoreau. 


This workshop will discuss how to overcome personal resistance by walking students through the elements of creating a successful watercolor painting (i.e., coming up with a concept for the painting, creating a thumbnail to think through composition and values, and selecting a limited palette including how to create a color wheel from the selected limited palette).  You’ll see these elements come together as we paint a landscape together. 


Working from a photo reference, Ron will discuss why, and demonstrate how to make a thumbnail sketches, while discussing composition and value.  All participants will make their own thumbnail sketches. 

Working from the same photo reference, Ron will demonstrate how to select a limited palette and then mix secondary colors and place them on a color wheel.  All participants will do the same. This will create your painting's color map.    

Finally, Ron will demonstrate the balance of 4 steps on a 7 x 11 piece of watercolor paper.  This will include: 

Drawing the scene on watercolor paper. 

Laying in light washes and preserving whites. 

Laying in mid-tones and darks.

Refining values and adding details. 

After each step, Ron will pause and give the participants time to do that step.  He will also provide assistance to students while everyone works. Ron will wrap up with a review and positive discussion on everyone’s completed work.  He will also provide some watercolor painting pointers. 


  • Instructor: Ron Macklin
  • Date and Time: Wednesday, May 11, 2022, from 11 AM to 3 PM 
  • Location: Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Chuch), 468 Rosedale Ave, White Plains, NY 10605
  • The cost for this 4-hour workshop is $55.


A handout including the course outline, a materials list, and photo reference will be emailed in advance of the workshop.

To register click here:


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Weekday Sketchers at Park Ave "Zoo"

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

Welcome To The Zoo on Park Avenue! – Patrons of Park Avenue | Supporting  the Maintenance of the Malls of Park Avenue in New York City

Well, not quite. But there is a lion, a bear, a gorilla, a dinosaur and even a mastodon right on Park Avenue!  

Join us this week as we explore this temporary installation along Park Avenue in the 30's.  Sponsored by the Patrons of Park Avenue (POPA), these sculptures are the creation of Idriss B in his iconic polygonal shaped animals. Painted in bright colors with the meridian's foliage as a backdrop these animals should make great studies for our sketchbooks.  For more information about this installation, click here:

THE ZOO ON PARK AVENUE, NYC — Average Socialite



                         We wil meet on the corner of 36th Street and Park Ave

TRANSPORTATION: 6 Train to 33rd and Lexington Ave 

These Giant Jungle Sculptures Have Taken Over Park Ave - Secret NYC


  • Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at
  • Looking for us?  Call or text Raylie at 201-273-0445
  • Bring a stool, water and lunch (or purchase something locally)
  • Please note that this is real Urban Sketching right on the street.  Be prepared to deal with pedestrians and traffic.  You will also have to find bathrooms along the way in a coffee shop or other business. 
  • If you haven't seen the Holbein show at the Morgan Library, this is a great opportunity to stop in on your way home.