Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SATURDAY: WESTCHESTER Sketchers at Peekskill Farmers Market

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been CANCELLED due to the extreme heat predicted for Saturday.  This event will be rescheduled.  Stay cool and safe everyone!

Saturday July 20th
Local Host: Betsy Weisendanger

The Peekskill Farmers Market runs from 8 AM to 2 PM every Saturday. Bursting with farm stands and food producers, the market also has prepared food vendors with fresh fish, and middle eastern food.   Most vendors are based within 250 miles of the market. They bring locally grown vegetables including a certified organic option, award-winning cheeses, imported spices, olive oils, maple syrup, honey, baked goods, pickled items, and freshly cut flowers. You will also find farm-raised, hormone and antibiotic free poultry, pork, chicken, grass fed beef, and eggs. Live music from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. 


Where:  Peekskill Farmers Market, located on Bank Street, between Main and Park Streets. We will meet at the corner Bank and Central Ave. There is a large clock across the street.

When:   Saturday July 20th.  We'll start at 10:30 AM.  Sleeping late? Come anyway, we'll be there.

DirectionsU.S. 9 N to Peekskill Exit US-6 E/US-202 E/Rt-35/Main Street. Turn left onto Main Street (US-6/US-202). Turn right onto Bank Street.

Transportation from NYC: Metro-North Hudson Line to Peekskill.  The 8:45 AM train arrives at 9:52 AM. The Farmers Market is an approx. 12 minute walk from the train station. Please contact Marianne or me if you would like someone to meet the train and provide a ride from the station.

Lunch12:30 PM. We will have lunch by the waterfront - meet by the veranda near the Train Station.  Bring your own, or purchase from vendors.  

Show and Tell:  Following lunch,we will share drawings and tell stories. This is the social part of our day and not to be missed.  Optional sketching
for the afternoon: Riverfront Green Park. 

-   It will be hot - bring drinking water.
-   Bring a stool if you have one.  It gives you more options.
-   Dress for sunshine. Bring a hat and sunscreen. Sketching can easily turn into a day of unexpected sunbathing.
-   If you prefer to sketch by the waterfront in the morning, meet us for lunch and show and tell.

If you can’t find us call or text 
Cathy at (914) 625-0766 or Marianne at (914) 355-6507

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Please R.S.V.P. to Cathy Gutterman  cathygutterman@verizon.net
Mobile     914-625-0766

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Weekday Sketchers at "Real World" Battery Park

Tucked into the corner of Battery Park at the end of Chambers Street is a whimsical sculpture park created by Tom Otteness.  The Real World is a commentary on the world of finance: the haves, the have-nots, the bankers and robbers, the laborers and pilgrims, animals, people and money, money, money.  Enter this fantastical "real world" for a day of sketching fun.

Leaving the Real World, we enter the beautiful lawns and flower gardens of Nelson Rockefeller Park with views of the Hudson, the lower Manhattan skyline and New Jersey across the river. 

Bring your lunch, a hat and your long forgotten childhood abandon to this weeks session.

Nelson A. Rockefeller Park/The Real World/Tom Otterness

Taking over its corner of the park with gleeful abandon, Tom Otterness' whimsical sculptural installation entitled The Real World is one of New York's most popular public artworks. Cast in bronze, the sculptures feature Otterness' s...

rolling penny - battery park city, tom otterness





Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at raylie@verizon.net. Looking for us?  Call Ella Biondi at 917-215-8296

Sunday, July 7, 2019

No Weekday Sketch Event This Week

Due to unusal circumstances there will be no organized Weekday Sketch Event this week.  

BUT not having an organized event doesn't mean there is no sketching.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Join the Westchester group at the Boscobel Manor on Tuesday Contact Cathy Gutterman for details
  • Look through old blog announcements about sketching venues we didn't get to because it rained so much this spring
  • Go to the ticker tape parade for the US Women's Soccer Team this Wednesday and practice reportage sketching as the parade goes by.
  • Go to a park, beach or waterway and enjoy the day sketching solo.

Hope to see you all next week.

Monday, July 1, 2019

SATURDAY - Sketch Bryant Park

Saturday July 13th
Hosted by Cathy and Lewis Gutterman

A year-round New York City destination, Bryant Park is known as Manhattan's Town Square.  The park is famous for its lush seasonal gardens, free activities, and al fresco dining. We'll have lots of sketching possibilities in this wonderful park.  Located adjacent to the New York Public Library and surrounded by iconic skyscrapers, Bryant Park is visited by more than 12 million people each year and is one of the busiest public spaces in the world.

Our sketch possibilities for the day include:

  • Limon Dance Moves (10:00-11:00  AM)
  • The Fountain
  • The Carousel Carrousel
  • Statues of:
  • William Cullen Bryant
  • Gertrude Stein Statue
  • An incredible view of skyscrapers in every direction 
  • The backside of the main branch of the NY Public Library 


Where:  Bryant Park, we'll meet by the Memorial Fountain behind the New York Public Library.  

√     Note:    If it rains, we'll meet at the entrance to the New York Public Library, and move indoors to sketch inside.

When:   Saturday July 13th.  We'll start at 10 AM.  Sleeping late? Come anyway, we'll be there.

Lunch:  12 - Noon.  Bring your own, or purchase from vendors.  We'll find a place to eat together.

Afternoon:  1 PM.  Back to sketching this wonderful park.

Show and Tell:  3 PM  Back to the lunch spot to share drawings and tell stories. This is the social part of our day and not to be missed.

-   Bring a stool if you have one.  It gives you more options.
-   Dress for sunshine.  Sketching can easily turn into a day of unexpected sunbathing.

If you can’t find us
call or text Cathy at (914) 625-0766 

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

SATURDAY - Sketch the Gantry

Saturday July 6th
Hosted by Danna Feintuch and Alan Wernicke

Join us for a day of sketching the spectacular, unobstructed views of Manhattan at Gantry Plaza State Park on Saturday, July 6th.  The restored gantries that are a legacy of Queens industrial past, and there are other sketchable highlights like the landmarked Pepsi-Cola sign, construction barges on the East River and the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

The gantries were built in 1925 and are actually huge cranes that picked up boxcars from barges on the East River and transferred them onto train tracks that once ran up to the edge of the water. Those tracks could either go on further points on Long Island, or upstate and on to New England. They could transfer 100 ton cars, and were amazingly fast and efficient.


WHEREMeet at the entrance to the Park near 49th Avenue at 10am.  We will sketch the gantries and views in the southern end of the park in the morning

WHENMeet at 10 AM. Sleeping late?  Come anyway - we'll be there.

-  Coming from Manhattan, take 7 train to the first stop in Queens - Vernon Blvd and Jackson Avenue. Exit from the back of the train, walk 3 blocks west on 50th Avenue to the Park, and then turn north and walk one block to 49th Avenue.
-  Coming by sea:  Gantry Plaza State Park is also accessible from Manhattan via the NYC Ferry Service.

LUNCH12:30 PM - We'll have lunch at in the grove of trees near the gantries.

AFTERNOON1:30 PM  In the afternoon we will head north to sketch the Pepsi Cola sign, the barges, views of Manhattan and the Ed Koch Bridge.

SHOW and TELL:   3:00 PM we will meet back at the grove of trees where we have lunch to show our sketches and talk about the usual - art materials and techniques, etc.

-  Bring your own art supplies, a hat, sun block, and a bottle of water.
-  Bring your own lunch or purchase from venders on side streets leading to the Park.
-  Bring a stool if you own one.  It give you more options.

-   to Alan Wernicke at alanwernicke@yahoo.com (917-685-5748)
-   or Danna Feintuch at aswingkido@aol.com.

If you can’t find us
call or text Alan at (917-685-5748)

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.