Monday, April 20, 2015

Oil Sketching on the eastern shore of MD

I missed you all! And tried to drum up new members of Urban Sketchers...It will be a month before I can join you again. It should be blooming and green in NYC by then too.....

night light, 7x5

cheery tree, 7x5

still standing, 7x5

Bay water edge, 11x14

Impromptu, 9x12

Old Cannery, 10x10

Phragmites invaders, 10x8

Sunset Marsh, 10x8

early spring marsh 12x12
Pokomoke Sunset 5x7

Weekday Urban Sketchers Take a Line for a Walk

We will meet in Chelsea Waterside Park to "take a line for a walk"...a drawing exercise.  For our first hour we will move through the park drawing things that peak our interest without taking our pen/pencil off the page.  After we break for lunch (many areas for picnics ) we will continue with our usual manner of drawing.  The park offers many sketching opportunities that include a skateboard park, playground, dog park, river views, Chelsea Piers and the Hudson River Greenway. Great opportunities to sketch people, animals, boats, skylines (NYC and NJ) and greenways.

DATE: Thursday April 23, 2015

Meet Up Location: Park Entrance at the foot of 23rd Street at 11th Ave.

Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Transportation: A,C,E train to 23rd Street at 8th Ave.  You can take the crosstown bus to 11th Ave.

PLEASE RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at

Looking for us?  Call Raylie at 201-978-6387

Postcards from Hawaii - Day 2 and 3

Day 2:
We took a stroll at sunrise along the Waialea beach park.  The palm trees swayed above the thick landscape below.

We drove to the windward coast of O'ahu island where we stopped by Makapu'u Beach.  The strong currents and waves made it a favorite of body surfers. Sandy beach nestled by dark volcanic stones.

Day 3: We drove up to the Manoa valley to hike the trail to the Manoa falls.  It was a completely different environment: a damp rainforest with muddy paths.  The reward at the end of the hike was the majestic stone wall with rainfall from the mountain top splashing down to create Manoa Falls.  

I had a conversation with a local resident (Ola) who said he appreciated the idea of drawing on location instead of just taking photographs.  I mentioned he should check out our Urban Sketchers page for more! 

Lots of gratitude to my wife Sima who supports, patiently waits at each landmark, and takes cool photos like this one-- sketching on a mossy rock at the base of the falls:

"Binge Sketching" Defined

Binge sketching is a pattern of disordered drawing which consists of episodes of uncontrollable production of sketches. It is synonymous with “compulsive oversketching disorder.” During such binges, a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount of ink and sketchbook paper. Many people who have sketching binges try to hide this behavior from others or seek outlets among other sketchers such as those who attend NY Urban Sketch events. It is often accompanied by euphoria but can result in exhaustion and loss of productive work-time and time with family. Although people who do not have any sketching disorder may occasionally experience episodes of oversketching, frequent binge sketching is often a symptom of compulsive oversketching disorder. Binge sketching occurs more commonly in the Spring when the weather turns warm and peaks in the summer months. Persons with binge sketching disorder are sometimes antisocial and often spend excess amount of time in art supply stores or trolling the internet late at night for paints, pens, and brushes. 

The following sketches were produced during a mad sketch binge that lasted most of the weekend, starting in Madison Square by the Flatiron building, moving on to Roosevelt Island with the NY Urban Sketchers, and ending at a bar near Second Avenue by the Queensborough Bridge:

And a big THANK YOU to my NY Urban Sketch enablers!  Follow me on Instagram @jlevinemd and see more sketches on my Google Page.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Full Day of Sketches from Ronkonkoma to Roosevelt Island

Sketching on the train going to and from the city is a good way to pass the time on my 1hr 21 min trip to the city from Ronkonkoma. There are so many interesting characters...if I plan my seat so I can see someone. LOL On the way home there was hardly anybody nearby to sketch...something rare. I did catch a few people on the way into the city and one young man on the way home.

I was at the Roosevelt Island Tram before everyone so I climbed up to the entry level to sketch it leaving. It was a great view from up there.

I walked with Laura over to check out the ruins of the Smallpox Hospital...

then I did a quick sketch of the memorial before lunch.

After a long walk to the northern end of the island we arrived at the lighthouse and I think we all had a good time sketching it.

Here are a few photos of the other sketchers at the lighthouse.

Drinks with the other sketchers at the end of the day topped off a good day!

Roosevelt Island! Saturday, April 19, 2015 (sunny and warm!)

Roosevelt Memorial by Louis Khan

FDR bust

Umbrellas at the food truck

Blackwell Island Lighthouse/Wellfare Island Lighthouse/Roosevelt Island Lighthouse - take your pick.

Sketchers on the bus (left-to-right; Joan, Andrew, Mike S.)

Crowded tram

Patio at The Jeffrey

UrbanSketcher-Mark (not that he's recognizable here)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Postcards from Hawaii - Day 1

Day 1, Oahu: following an 11 hour flight from New York to Honolulu, we took a stroll along the Waikiki waterfront.  We heard music and sat down for a seafood dinner to watch the sunset.  Four guys played classics with acoustic guitar, bongo and conga drums, and the famous Ukulele.  A little kid stopped by to contribute to the rhythm.