Sunday, March 17, 2019

Weekday Sketchers at Hudson River Museum

It is spring! Let's celebrate!

This spring we will be visiting a number of locations along the Hudson River to sketch the views, the buildings and the people that live, work and play in proximity to this icon of the New York metropolitan area.

We will start the exploration a bit up river with a combined sketch day with the Westchester Urban Sketchers.   Thanks to Cathy Gutterman who has made arrangements for us to visit the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers.  Situated on the Hudson River this former estate offers us beautiful river views, a victorian manor and a museum dedicated to the Hudson River.  

The HRM offers dynamic exhibitions of 19th-century to contemporary American art; Glenview, an 1877 Gilded Age home on the National Register of Historic Places; a state-of-the-art Planetarium; an indoor, environmental teaching gallery, Hudson Riverama, a permanent gallery devoted to the environment of the Hudson and its shores; the Bookstore, the only permanent installation by Pop Artist Red Grooms on view in New York; and an outdoor Amphitheater.

 Current Exhibitions Include:

"The Color of the Moon:  Lunar Painting in American Art," is devoted to the allure of the moon for American painters, whose art has reflected the eternal fascination with our closest celestial body. It is the first major museum examination of the moon as it relates to the story of the American nocturne as it developed from the early 1810s through the late 1960s.  In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon, "A Century of Lunar Photography and Beyond," presents examples of lunar photography from the mid-19th century photographic plates to 21st century digital imagery.

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                        511 WARBURTON AVE, YONKERS NY
                       Entrance Fee: Adults $7. Seniors $5. 

STARTING TIME: 12:00 NOON (museum opens at noon)


BY CAR: Directions and Map:      

BY TRAIN FROM GRAND CENTRAL :  Take Metro-North’s Hudson Line to Glenwood Station. When you get to the station, exit onto Glenwood Avenue, and make a left onto Ravine Avenue, which leads to Trevor Park. Walk through the park to reach the museum’s entrance. (The walk from the train station to the Museum takes approximately 10 minutes). OR, take the Hudson Line to Yonkers Station, and take a taxi to the museum. (Taxi costs approximately $5). 

PLEASE NOTE: We will meet at the Information Booth in Grand Central Terminal at 11:00 AM.  We will be taking the 11:20 Hudson Line train to Croton-Harmon to the Glenwood Ave Station. arriving at 11:50.  Please make sure to purchase your ticket before meeting the group. 

Coming later?  Please check the train schedules for other trains.

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201-978-6387.

FYI: Visit the web site for additional information:
- No wet materials are allowed in the galleries. Stools will be provided. 
- For the protection of the artwork, backpacks, water bottles, or snack items are not allowed in the galleries. 
- Lockers are available for guest convenience.
The Museum offers light snacks, coffee, and refreshments in the Museum Shop. Weather permitting, visitors may use the cafe tables in the Courtyard. There is also limited seating in the Lobby, and you may picnic in Trevor Park, adjacent to the Museum. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Weekday Sketchers AMNH 


For those joining us today at the American Museum of Natural History who would like to take advantage of the “pay what you wish” entrance policy please be aware that you CAN NOT do that at the 77th St Entrance. At 77th St you can use museum passes, membership or NYC programs but if you want to “pay what you wish” you MUST enter at ether the main entrance, the entrance by the subway platform or the 81St Entrance. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SATURDAY: Sketch the Morgan

Morgan Library & Museum
Saturday: March 16th, 2019

The Museum contains acquisitions of art and literature by financier Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913), His tastes were encyclopedic, and by the early 1900s his holdings were of such magnitude that he commissioned the architect Charles McKim to design a private library to house them.

The 1906 neo-classical McKim building, a National Historic Landmark, remains the heart and soul of the Morgan today. Over the years, the museum has added the beautiful Morgan brownstone residence to its campus, and in 2006 unveiled an acclaimed expansion by architect Renzo Piano.

Current exhibits include Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth and the Invention and Design: Early Italian Drawings at the Morgan


WHERE:  The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street. (see map below)

WHEN:   Starting at 10 AM.  If you're running late, we're there for the day - come anyway.

*  By subway:
No. 6 to 33d Street;
No. 4, 5, 6 or 7 to Grand Central B, D, F, Q to 42d Street

*  By bus: M2, M3, M4, Q32 to 36th Street
PATH to 33d Street

*  Admission
$22 Adults
$14 Seniors (65 and over)
$13 Students (with current ID)

LUNCH:  12:00 Noon.  Bring your own or use the cafeteria

AFTERNOON:  1:00 PM - Back to sketching

SHOW and TELL:   3:00 PM - A short walk to Reichenbach Hall at 5 W 37th St, where we will share drawings, good stories a snack or beer or wine if you're so inclined.


-   Bring a stool if you own one it gives you more potential options. Sitting on the floor while sketching or taking notes is not permitted.
-   Coats, if not worn, must be checked at the coatroom. Complimentary coat and bag check available
-   While pencils, sketchbooks, and notebooks are allowed, no pens, ink, paints, markers, easels, or stools are permitted. This is unevenly enforced. 

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If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Weekday Sketchers at AMNH

Is it possible to catch a giant whale with a small book? 

Join us this week and find out.  On Thursday we will dive under the sea to sketch the wonderful dioramas in the Ocean Life exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.   Bring your brightest blues and aquas and see if you can catch the giant whale with your very own (sketch)book.

Following lunch we will move on to other sections of the catch a buffalo or a butterfly,   an elephant or a dinosaur!! Happy Hunting! 

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                        Central Park West btwn 77th /81st Streets

NOTE: We will meet at the 77th Street Entrance which is closer to the Ocean Life Exhibit Hall. There is an entrance fee but the museum has a "pay what you wish" policy.  

TRANSPORTATION: B or C train to 81st street station.
                     Suggestion:  Use the exit at the back end of the platform and walk up to the street and over to 77ST.  If you enter the museum with the entrance directly from the subway platform you will have to wind your way through the whole museum to get to the meeting place. 

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201-978-6387.  Bring a stool and a headlamp. It is dark in the exhibit halls and a headlamp or clip on lamp on your sketchbook is helpful. Bring lunch or purchase it in the museum cafeteria. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Saturday: Sketching Hands

Hands.  They're incredibly expressive and flexible.  They're one of the attributes that define us as humans.  They're also difficult to draw.  Beginers sometimes avoid drawing hands or find ways to hide them in their drawings.

Note 1:  This is Not Urban Sketching (NUS), but it is a skill that adds substantially .to your drawing repertoire. 

This coming Saturday March 9th, we're going to explore drawing hands.  We'll be indoors in an area that has interesting architecture and people to draw.  We'll be using a Life Drawing style format and we will each take turns providing hand poses for the group to draw.


WhereThe Atrium of the IBM Building at 590 Madison Avenue. 

Transportation:  (see map below)
-   E or M to 5 Ave / 53 St.
-   N, R, or W to 5 Ave.

WhenStart at 11 AM  Meet in the Atrium.  There are tables and chairs.   Running late?  Meet us any time, we'll be there!

Lunch12:30 PM Bring your own or use the lunch shops nearby on Madison Ave

Afternoon1:30 PM  - Back to sketching.

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - We will share drawings and stories.

Notes 2 & 3: 
-   The security people sometimes become concerned if the tables are moved too much - so bring a stool if you have one.    A stool gives you more options.
-    Bathrooms are nearby.

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If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.Saturday: Sketching Hands

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weekday Sketchers at Ford Foundation Atrium 

Winter weather got you down?  Wish you could stroll through a green garden once again?  

Then, join us we enter a light filled space with 39 species of plants, a reflecting pool and an art gallery....right on 42nd Street in Manhattan. The Ford Foundation has recently re-opened its famous tropical atrium after years of renovation. Break your green paint out of hibernation, bring a stool and enjoy a day in this oasis in mid-Manhattan. 

You are welcome to visit the Ford Foundation Gallery which is hosting an exhibit called Perilous Bodies.  For information on the exhibit, click here;

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                       320 EAST 43RD ST btwn 2nd Ave and Tutor Pl
                       Note: there is an entrance 42nd St. as well

TRANSPORTATION: 4, 5, 6, 7 OR S subway to Grand Central.

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call/text Raylie at 201-978-6387.  

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Saturday: Sketch DeKalb Market

Saturday, March 2nd – 
DeKalb Market Hall at City Point
445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hosted by Danna Feintuch

DeKalb Market is a feast for the eyes and the belly. With 40 different food vendor stalls, each decorated differently, with great signs, colors, and neon. It's pretty quiet until lunch time when the market will fill with lots of people to draw. 


Where:  DeKalb Market Hall is located on the basement floor at City Point Shopping Center. 445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn.  There are an amazing number of subways very close to the Market.

-   Q, R, B @ Dekalb Station.
-   A, C, F @ Jay St. MetroTech
-   2, 3 @ Hoyt St.

See map below.

When:  Start at 10 a.m.  Meet on the lower level by the escalators.
There are 2 sets of escalators. We'll meet by escalator you would take if you entered from Flatbush Ave. next to the Trader Joe’s. I’ll be wearing a red bandanna so you can find me.

-   Running late?  Come any, we'll be there!

Lunch12:30 PM The Dekalb Market Hall has 40 Vendors with an amazing diversity of tasty choices like Katz Deli, Pierogi Boys and Ample Hills Creamery to name a few. Choosing just one to eat will definitely be the hardest part of your day!!! For lunch, I suggest eating wherever you can. By this time on weekends, the hall can get very crowded. So, eating in small groups is recommended.

Afternoon1:30 PM  - Back to sketching the Market or consider going up a couple floors to Target or Alamo Drafthouse for the big window view.

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - We will meet at the back room of the Market. There are big bench tables there where we'll create a space for ourselves.

-   Bringing a stool gives you more options although if you arrive at 10am there’s plenty of seating. It does get busier but if you’re patient to wait for the right seat, you’ll get it.
-  More info at

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If you can’t find us
call or text Danna at 646-773-6820

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.